Qkr (pronounced – Quicker) is a FREE app to enable mobile payment for school-based accounts to save parents time. The app enables parents to use their smartphones to make all school payments (including canteen) without having to give their children cash to carry to school.

For those without access to a smartphone, a web-based version of Qkr is available.

Although the app is a MasterCard initiative, it enables payment from most financial institutions and major credit cards with Safe and Secure MasterCard Technology.

How to register

After registering your email address, select ‘Westmeadows Primary School’ and follow the prompts. (For those living outside a 10km radius from Westmeadows Primary School please go to the search bar and enter WESTMEADOWS.)

Getting Started ‘How To’ Guide

13 July 2023 - Please note Qkr App for newer android phone is not working use the webase verion of Qkr for now.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of the Qkr app please contact the school. We hope you enjoy this flexibility in managing your school payments.