Graduation Dance

From the front… From the back….

Thursday 21st October – Maths

Learning Intentions Calculate fractions of a collection. I know what a collection is. I can work out a fraction of a collection using divisiont to help […]

Thursday 21st October- Writing Explanation Text-Lesson 4

Warm Up TOPIC Sentence: Look at the three sentences below and come up with a topic sentence that would let a reader know what this paragraph […]

Thursday 21st August – Reading

*** 5/6S – Please read the message from Mr Pas on your FreshGrade about your reading task for today. Warm Up What type of words are […]

Wednesday 20th October – Reading

Learning Intentions Use comprehension strategies to answer multiple choice questions about a text. I know the author’s purpose I can search for and locate information I […]

Wednesday 20th October – Maths

Warm Up Play a game of Triplets (the game we played in our class meeting last week) https://www.mathplayground.com/Triplets/index.html Learning Intention Identify fractions of a collection.  I know what […]

Wednesday 20th October- Writing Explanation Text-Lesson 3

Warm Up Look at the picture below. Write a short paragraph about what this image is explaining to you. Learning Intention & Success Criteria Write an […]

Tuesday 19th October – Writing

Learning Intentions write in an impersonal and formal voice about a chosen topic I can record myself discussing part of my explanation report. I can transcribe […]

Tuesday 19th October – Maths

Warm Up Log on to Timestables.com and practice your timestable goal. Learning Intention Identify fractions of a collection.  I know what a collection is.  I can calculate a […]

Tuesday 19th October – Reading

Learning Intentions tell the difference between impersonal and personal language in a text I can identify impersonal language in a text. I can identify personal language […]