Maths lesson 1 and 2

Warm up:Using the scale, heft the different weights so you can feel what is heavier and what is lighter.

Maths Lesson 3

Warm up:Think Mentals. Mini Lesson: Task:Logon to Matific and complete the assigned task in Homework.Magic Potion Write the answers in your Little Maths book.

Homework Term 3 week 4

‘u or o as in umbrella’ Literacy Task:Complete 2 illustrations for your picture story book. These need to be completed by week 8. Due to the […]

Reading and Writing Tuesday 27th July

Reflecting on the time it took students to complete the Writing task from Monday, we have decided to combine the Reading and Writing lessons. Students will […]

Maths Tuesday 27th July

To use our prior learning on addition to solve a variety of addition problems. I can choose an efficient strategy to solve addition problems. I can […]

Reading Monday 26th July

predict what is going to happen in a text. I can predict what will happen next in the story based on the beginning of the story […]

Maths Monday 26th July

Name and order the months and seasons of the year. I know the order of the months and seasons of the year I can match the […]

Writing Monday 26th July

plan for an information report. I can research information. I can use key words to locate the information that I need. I can write down what […]

Miss Houston’s live cooking class

Together with Miss Houston we are going to practice following a procedural text, a procedural text to cook Rum Balls. Please make sure you come to […]