Tuesday 27th July, Week 3, Term 3

Remember to log on to ActiveLearn and read the story GROW IT BACK. It will be in your ‘My Stuff’ section. Looking for More. This game […]

Monday 26th July Term 3 Week 3

Today you will need your workbook, writing pencil and red pencil for your class Zoom meeting at 10am. Please have it ready before the meeting begins. […]

Miss Houston’s live cooking class

Together we are going to practice following a procedural text, a procedural text to cook Rum Balls. Please make sure you come to the Zoom session […]

THURSDAY, Week 2, Term 3

Maths Lesson Parents and students, you will need to fast forward a little bit, half way through this slideshow. Thank you. Travelling Around Australia Listen to […]

Fitness Fun


WEDNESDAY, Week 2, Term 3

Looking for more? Relax and stretch with some Cosmic Kids Yoga. Listen to the story of The Hungry Caterpillar while you are doing you yoga. Listen […]

TUESDAY- Week 2, Term 3

Looking for more? Play this Mathematics Game: Make a Ten Memory The Rhino that Swallowed a Storm Listen to this story that is being read from […]

MONDAY, Week 2, Term 3


Grade 1 Digital Day

Code.Org Links- Click on your grade below! 1D 1E 1F 1G Coding