Celebrating 150 Years Of Learning

in 2020.

Westmeadows Primary School has a magnificent history dating back to its establishment in 1870. Primary School No. 982 was the result of two schools in the area being merged. As one of the first state schools in Victoria, the original Rural School serviced the Broadmeadows Township. 
Did you know that attendance at a school first became compulsory in 1872? It was in this year that the Government accepted full responsibility for Education in Victoria.

The first Head Teacher was Mr Duncan McKenzie.

1956 - The school’s name was officially changed from Broadmeadows State School to
            Westmeadows State School.

1958 - There was an enrolment of 87 students. The telephone was also connected.

1964 - Westmeadows State School had an enrolment of 102. The school had four teachers.

1969 - The school’s enrolment had increased to 204 students. An Infant mistress was appointed
            to the school.

1970 - The celebration of 100 years under the leadership of J. O’Leary.

1988 - The government of the day removed the last remaining old building. Sadly nothing of
            historical value exists on the current school site.

1992 -  Mr Mahony was appointed as Principal by a Local Selection Panel.

1995 - The school’s enrolment was 352 with thirteen classrooms and nineteen staff members.   
            The School celebrated the 125th Anniversary Year

2002 - The school underwent several major upgrades, including:

sixteen modern classrooms
a library extension
a spacious art and craft complex
a well-appointed Music room
a comfortable and functional Out-of-School-Hours facility
a high quality competition sized Sports Centre.

2017 - The oval was restored and resurfaced with artificial turf.

2020 - There are 495 students and 50 staff members.

The Westmeadows community will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the school in 2020.