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Grade 2 Term 3, 2019 Overview

Term 3 has seen our Grade 3/4s working particularly hard on their writing, editing and publishing skills for Picture Story Books. Many exciting stories have been written and illustrated, both in class and at home, as part of Homework. These fantastic stories will be showcased in Celebration Week with each grade voting on the categories of ‘Best Story,’ ‘Best Illustrations,’ and ‘Best Overall.’ Whether students receive a prize or not, they have certainly worked hard to improve their writing and presentation abilities.

Art classes this term started with students designing and decorating the dust jackets for their Picture Story Book. Children were invited to use their creativity to make a front cover that would suit their story.

Early in Term 3 students had their athletic abilities put to the test when they participated in a day of House Athletics. Fortunately, the weather was kind and students enjoyed the day adding points to their respective house teams. Some Grade 3/4 students even went on to District Athletics where they were up against students from many other schools.

Week 5 was a busy week in the Discovery Burrow as Science Week commenced. Students displayed their knowledge about Space, learning about the moon and the historic moon landing of Apollo 11. Parents were invited up to view student posters/displays and the Discovery Burrow was abuzz with excitement.

Continuing with the Science theme, students were involved in an excursion to Scienceworks for a day. During the excursion they attended a ‘Makey Makey’ workshop where they found out about electronic circuits. A Makey Makey is a simple electronic device that connects to a computer and takes the place of a keyboard or game controller. Once plugged in, students were able to control the computer with all kinds of wires and circuitry – even their own skin! As well as visiting the workshop, students spent the day looking through Scienceworks and enjoying the interactive displays. They were able to race against Cathy Freeman in the Sports area or design their future selves complete with robotic arms and legs. All in all it was an eventful day.

Our term ends with the anticipation of Celebration Week. There will be a Big Dreams performance for students to attend, Picture Story Book display sessions and cross-age tutoring between classes. The week will culminate in our traditional Book Week Parade where children from the entire school dress up as a character from a book. Even the teachers will attempt their very own impersonation of a book character.


Overall it has been a productive but exciting term, with our students now ready for a chance to relax and freshen up ready for Term 4. We wish all of our families a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing everyone back next term.



Grade 2 Como House Excursion 

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Grade 2 Term 3, 2019 Overview


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 Grade 2 Term 2, 2019 Overview

This semester the Grade 2’s have had a large focus on ‘coaching’ during our reading lessons. It is an opportunity for students to read with another peer. The role of the reader is to consolidate prior reading skills and to attempt a new strategy each fortnight. Their coaching partner is encouraged to provide ongoing feedback to their reader throughout the session to assist in improving their understanding of the new strategy and to remind them of what good readers do (i.e. read with fluency, read with expression etc). To ensure that students see a clear purpose to the exercise, the coach provides overall feedback to the reader. This includes something they did well when reading and something to work on for the next time. Children then have the opportunity to reflect and work on these in future coaching sessions to extend their skills in reading.  All students have responded well the new concept of coaching and have taken on a leadership role with enthusiasm. A big congratulation is in order for their efforts in supporting the Grade 1’s in starting their coaching journey through cross age tutoring.



Grade 2 Term 2, 2019 Newsletter


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Grade 2 Term 1, 2019 Overview


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Grade 2 Term 1, 2019 Newsletter


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