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Grade 1 Term 2, 2019 Overview

Term 2 has been action packed in the Grade 1 area. We have been working very hard and are all looking forward to a break to recharge our batteries and come back with plenty of energy to learn (and have fun at the same time!).


This term we were Reading Rabbits and worked incredibly hard on our strategies. Some of these strategies included summarising, predicting, chunking and maintaining fluency. We were lucky enough to work with the Grade 2s where we learnt about how to be a good reading coach. Everyone got a turn to be a coach and be coached and helped each other to improve our reading.



The Grade 1s were certainly Writing Wizards in Term 2. The text types we discovered more about were friendly letters, narratives and expositions. We learnt about how to plan and structure a narrative with a story mountain template. This included the setting, characters, problems and solutions. This was then very useful when we began writing our Picture Story Books which are coming along very nicely! The Grade 1s are very excited to share these books during Celebration Week in Term 3.



There are plenty of Mathematicians in the Grade 1 area! We all worked very hard on our mental strategies for addition and subtraction including; friends of ten, doubles and near doubles. Location allowed us to see things from different perspectives, including a bird’s eye view. It was so much fun using Google Maps to see our school from above! The Grade 1s also looked at 2D shapes, their features and where we could find them in our every day lives.



Our Term 2 Inquiry topic ‘Living in a Digital World’ we have explored how technology has changed over time and what we use now. We looked at the steps needed to code programs and how to give instructions for robots. Using Blue Bots we used simple steps including up, down, across and watched the robots move on maps. It was awesome!



In Term 2 we have continued to focus on keeping our minds and body healthy through a range of activities. These have included Cosmic Kids Yoga, Brain Breaks and Bucket Filling. The Grade 1s have been super impressive with filling each other’s buckets by being kind, helping others, giving compliments and making each other smile.



The Grade One teachers look forward to Term 3 and all the exciting learning and activities we have planned! 

Grade 1 Term 1, 2019 Overview

What a fantastic start to Term 1 and 2019 the Grade 1’s have had! We began this year by setting the tone for a productive, supportive and fun learning environment; in setting up our classroom expectations through our Code of Cooperation.



In Reading we looked at a range of strategies to help us understand parts of a word and stories, adding more meaning to what we read.



In Writing we focused on how to structure a sentence when writing recounts, narratives and procedures. As part of our procedural writing we wrote and followed instructions for making fairy bread and smiley face cookies. The final products were delicious!



In Maths we were practising our counting skills as well as our Place Value system and the different houses. We looked at comparing numbers and how to put them on number lines. Towards the end of term we were able to use our knowledge in real life situations when looking at money as well as time. 



Our ICT topic was ‘Our Digital Word- eSmart Cyber Safety Unit’ and we discussed how to appropriately use and communicate when using technology. This included identifying what/who is and is not real, as well as being aware of how to safely share our personal information.



Our Inquiry topic this term was ‘Staying Healthy in a Digital World’ which allowed the Grade 1’s to discover good habits and ways to keep our bodies and mind healthy. We were lucky enough to have a Healthy Active Day with the Grade 2’s where we took part in a range of outdoor activities. Other highlights included making the fruit kebabs as well as yoga with Miss Lucey.


Overall there has been a lot of hard work in the Grade 1 area. We look forward to coming back to Term 2 refreshed, recharged and ready to learn!


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