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Italian Term 3, 2017

Italian Day 15th August 2017


On Tuesday 15th August students participated in Italian Day at Westmeadows PS. Students from Foundation to Grade 6 dressed up in either an Italian Costume or the Italian colours. It was wonderful to see everyone make such a wonderful effort.

We were fortunate to have Big Pocket Productions attend our special day. The gym was transformed into an amazing “Pasta Making Workshop.” Students were entertained by the staff of Big Pocket Productions with Italian music and listened to a story of an Italian family migrating to Australia. The story told them of the importance of Italian traditions and how these traditions are passed on through generations. One of these traditions is making pasta. Students watched a demonstration of fresh pasta being made.

They then worked with a buddy to make their very own fresh pasta. It was wonderful to see all students working well together and helping each other out. All students were able to bring their fresh pasta home to cook and share with their families.

Students also participated in outdoor games such as Bocce, Soccer, Calamari Scramble, Spaghetti Skip, Waiter’s Race and Trevi Fountain Throw. Though it was a very cold day the students enjoyed the games and had lots of fun!

In their classrooms the students participated in various Italian art and craft activities.  Students made Italian mosaic flags, Carnevale Masks, Spaghetti pots, and constructed various Italian sculptures using assorted pasta shapes. Students enjoyed a slice of Margarita Pizza and a gelati for lunch.

After lunch all students assembled in the gym for a whole school performance. Parents were invited to attend and they watched all classes perform various songs and role plays in Italian.

It definitely was a wonderful, fun day and all students were able to experience making fresh Italian pasta and learning about the Italian culture. Well done to all the students for making a tremendous effort with being involved in our Italian Day.

Signora Cuda