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Grade 3/4 News Term 2, 2019




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Grade 3/4 Term 2 Overview, 2019

The Grade 3/4s have continued to work hard and enjoy all aspects of life at Westmeadows Primary School throughout Term 2. While it has been action packed, all teachers continue to be impressed with the behavior and achievements of students.

We had an exciting start to the term with Easter and ANZAC Day and our students were lucky to participate in 3 weeks of AFL Clinics with the students from SEDA College. In these sessions, students learnt new skills and honed their AFL knowledge through a range of different activities.

Week 4 was a big week for our Grade 3 students as they were involved in the National NAPLAN Testing. Students sat tests in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy. All students participated enthusiastically and showed persistence and resilience throughout the course of the week. Our school and individual families will receive their child’s NAPLAN results in Term 4.

During Week 5 students participated in a variety of activities to celebrate Italian Day. Within classrooms and specialists, students were involved in such things as pasta making, bocce and soccer games, Italian art, Music and Science. All students thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of Italian Day and are already asking about the next one.

Harold the Giraffe and the Life Ed van visited Westmeadows during Week 6 and 7. Students in Grade 3/4 participated in a workshop were they learnt all about medicines. We explored how they help, how they affect the body, why some people need them and the importance of using them safely.

Week 9 was a busy once for all students with involvement in the school Skip-a –thon and a Camp Quality performance. During the Skip-a-thon students rotated through a variety of skipping activities and participated with enthusiasm. It has been great to see students continue to be actively involved in skipping during their recess and lunch times. Puppeteers from Camp Quality shared with us a program designed to help kids better understand what cancer is and how they can support someone dealing with it.

Towards the end of the term students began the exciting journey towards the completion of their 2019 picture story book. This saw students writing and conferencing with one another to up-level their work. Throughout Term 3 students will work hard to complete their dust jackets in Art and their illustrations as part of their weekly homework.

Last but not least, students in the choir performed at the School of Rock Music week. This is an activity organised by the Northern Metropolitan Region and involved choirs, bands and performance groups from many primary and secondary schools across the Northern Region.

Anticipation is high for the upcoming school holidays given how hard the students have been working this term. We wish all families a safe and enjoyable break and look forward to an exciting, action packed Term 3.


Grade 3/4 News Term 2, 2019




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Grade 3/4 Term 1 Overview, 2019

Grade 3/4’s began 2019 ready and raring to go. We started the year with a variety of getting to know you tasks and activities that enabled us to set up for a successful year. Students have been engaged in all aspects of the curriculum and have been excited by a number of extra-curricular activities throughout Term 1.


Our Grade 3 students were excited to receive their netbooks during Week 2. Teachers spent time setting up expectations for the use of netbooks and students were given time to explore their new devices.


Week 3 saw students nominate for both Class Captains and Junior School Council representatives. All Grade 3/4 teachers we extremely impressed by the number of students that bravely presented speeches to their classes. Our class representatives have been busy conducting class meetings and meeting with school leadership to discuss ways in which we make our school even better.


In Week 5 students were involved in a number of incursions here at school. On the Monday we took part in a First Aid workshop through St Johns. Students learnt valuable skills including incident management and CPR training. Students were then involved in an incursion conducted by Project Rockit on Wednesday. Project Rockit are a youth-driven organization empowering young people to stand up and lead change in society. Grade 3/4’s engaged in a workshop titled ‘Belong’. They explored their interactions with peers and covered topics such as fitting in/inclusion, nice play and effective communication.


Students have been involved in a number of sporting activities this term. 3/4 Sport has included a combination of team based competitions as well as tabloid sports and all students were involved in the House Cross Country events in Week 6. A number of our 3/4 students were successful in reaching the District Cross Country event which was held in Week 7.


As we near the end of Term 1 students will be presenting the Passion Projects that they have been working on as part of their Homework. Teachers are looking forward to seeing this great work.



Term 1 has been jam-packed and we are preparing for an equally exciting Term 2. Grade 3’s will be completing their first NAPLAN tests and the whole school will be actively involved in Italian Day!

Grade 3/4 News Term 4, 2018


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