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Reporting to Parents

We are extremely proud of the reporting information we provide parents to ensure they are kept well informed about their child’s academic and social progress. 

We value and encourage communication between parents and teachers.

At any point in time throughout the year communication may be sought by either a parent or a teacher. It is requested that parents make an appointment to speak to staff when a lengthy discussion is required so that the time made is mutually convenient.

Our formal reporting schedule is:

Parent/Teacher Meetings

·        February/March          (start of year)

·        June/July                    (mid-year)

Written Reports

Wellbeing and Behaviour Report

·        End of Term 1

·        End of Term 3

Academic Reports

·        End of Term 2

·        End of Term 4 

Parent/Teacher Interviews can now be conveniently booked online by parents (the school provides you with the appropriate website and code). Parents who book early receive their preferred time.

A sample online booking process for Parent/Teacher Interviews has been included below for your reference.

Sample Book School Interviews Process