Before and After School Care - Before and After School Care

Before School Care (BSC) runs from 7am until 8.45am. BSC staff are in attendance from 6.45am.

After School Care (ASC) runs 3.30pm until 6.00pm. ASC staff are in attendance from 3.00pm.

These programs operate on all school days excepting curriculum days. Please Note: ASC hours may vary on the last day of each term.

Westmeadows Primary School Before and After School Care continuously strives to meet and exceed best practice. We recognise and respect the social and cultural diversity of all children, families and staff. A nurturing, stimulating environment that caters for diverse abilities and accommodates the individual needs of each child is provided in this program. We strive to create a responsive and inclusive atmosphere, relating to all children in a warm friendly manner and guiding their behaviour in a positive way.

Staff recognise and value the importance of play and will encourage all children to initiate and participate in recreational, physical, creative and expressive activities and experiences.

Through continual consultation with all stakeholders, and ongoing program evaluation, we will maintain a program that caters for the needs, interests and abilities of all children and encourages the development of life skills, in addition providing the opportunity to extend their abilities.  

We promote healthy eating practices by providing a varied nutritious menu, activities, and discussions that encourage the children to reflect on good nutrition and eating habits. We provide opportunity for all children to participate in a variety of physical activities.  

If you would like to enrol you child (or children) into our before or after school care program, please download the enrolment form below.

OSHC Enrolment Form



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